Trying this again, apparently.

Back in mid-2020, I decided to set up a blog. I set up a GitHub Pages site, a build pipeline to generate my static site with Hugo, and wrote my first post. And then I never updated my blog again, and eventually deleted it outright. But now I’m making another attempt.

But why?

I want to talk about stuff. Seriously, that’s it. I started a bigger-than-anticipated project involving Pokemon GBA ROM hacking (more on that in a future post) and realized that I really wanted to talk about what I was doing and the headaches I ran into trying to decipher the data structures in a Pokemon Emerald cartridge dump. But other than the usual social media sites, where most of my friends/followers aren’t devs and don’t care, I didn’t really have anywhere to talk about this stuff.

Hence, The Blog Strikes Back.

What to expect?

I’m going to be talking about a lot of very different things. Mostly related to coding, in some fashion. Software development, game development, cloud infrastructure automation, you name it. My obsession of the week just happens to be ROM hacking. Next week I might talk about writing a serverless Discord bot. The week after that could be… I don’t know… CI/CD for my dotfiles or something. Who knows?

So keep an eye on this space (or add the handy RSS feed to your favorite feed reader!) if any of that sounds interesting to you.